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Pimecrolimus is the main active ingredient present in the Elidel. It belongs to a category of drugs known as Immunomodulating agent. Elidel is used mainly for the treatment of eczema; this medication works as a last resort to treat eczema when other drugs fail to work.

Elidel may be used when topical corticosteroids have not been effective, or when they should not be used, for example, in people who have experienced unacceptable side effects related to steroids, or when the eczema is on the face or neck and prolonged use of steroids may be inappropriate.

Do not take the drug if you: are allergic to its active ingredients Pimecrolimus; are pregnant or breast feeding mother. Tell your doctor if you have: skin cancer, Netherton's syndrome. If you have ever had an allergic reaction to a medicine. If you are taking or using any other medicines.

Use Elidel as per your doctor’s recommendation, and it should apply on the skin gently. The dose should be changed as per the response of the patient towards the ointment, but only under the supervision of your doctor.

Elidel is available in the form of an ointment, to be applied on the affected area. The cream is not intended to be used continually over a prolonged period of time, your doctor may suggest that you use it from time to time when your condition flares up. In case if you take an extra dose, consult your prescriber and do as instructed. If you forget to apply Elidel, do it as soon as you remember it. In the case of any complications, please contact your prescriber immediately.

Common side – effects: skin infections; a burning feeling; skin irritation, itching and redness.

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