Invokana 100 mg
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Invokana is a sodium-glucose cotransporter 2 (SGLT2) inhibitor used in the treatment of type-2 diabetes mellitus in adults. Canagliflozin helps control diabetes by decreasing sugar absorption in the body and increasing the amount of sugar excreted in the urine. Each tablet contains 100mg of the active ingredient Canagliflozin.

Following the dosing instructions provided by your doctor. Regular blood tests may be scheduled to check that Invokana is working as intended and the dosage may need to be adjusted. Invokana is usually taken before eating your first meal of the day. Invokana will work best will used along with a diet and exercise program.

The most common side effect of Invokana is increased urination as the body tries to remove more sugar from your body. If you notice any of the following while taking canagliflozin contact your doctor immediately: Severe allergic reactions (including rash, hives, itching, difficulty breathing, tightness in the chest, swelling of the mouth, face, lips, throat, or tongue, or unusual hoarseness);  fainting; genital (vagina or penis) discharge; itching, rash, pain, or irritation; irregular heartbeat; muscle weakness; severe or persistent headache or dizziness;  symptoms of kidney problems or urinary tract infection.

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