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Budecort Inhaler 200 mcg 200 doses
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Budecort Inhaler is prescription medication treatment for children suffering from the condition asthma which is a chronic lung disorder that results in the narrowing and inflammation of the respiratory airpassage. It is generally used by the children.

Budecort Inhaler is used in the form of an inhaler for the treatment of asthma. Budecort Inhaler is also used for prevention and treatment of various allergies of the nose, throat or the lungs. It is a corticosteroid. Budecort Inhaler helps to stop the release of any inflammation that causes chemical and substance inside the body.

Budecort Inhaler when inhaled into the body help to prevent asthma attacks. But it cannot treat asthma which is already started. Budesonide can be used for other treatments also. Budecort Inhaler is useful in prophylactic and maintenance therapy of asthma in children between the age of 1 to 8 years of age.

Budecort Inhaler belongs to a group of medicines called as corticosteroids. It works by reducing swelling and inflammation in the nose, throat, lungs or intestine.

Budecort Inhaler may cause unwanted side effects such as: dry/irritated throat, hoarseness, voice changes, bad taste in the mouth, runny nose, or nosebleeds may occur. If any of these effects persist or worsen, notify your doctor or pharmacist promptly.

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