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Beloc contains Propranolol which is a beta-blocker that affects the heart and blood circulation. This medication is used to treat tremors, hypertension, angina or chest pain, heart rhythm and other heart circulatory problems. Beloc may also be used to prevent and treat heart attacks and to reduce the occurrence and severity of migraines.

Propranolol competes with neurotransmitters to bind at beta1 and beta2 receptors in heart and blood vessels, thereby reducing heartbeat, blood pressure, and the strain on the heart after a heart attack.

Beloc is contraindicated to patients with the following medical conditions: Bronchial asthma; COPD; Untreated phaeochromocytoma; Sinus bradycardia; Cardiogenic shock; 2 and 3 degree heart block; Overt CHF; Sick sinus syndrome; Raynaud’s syndrome; Prinzmetal’s angina; Severe peripheral arterial disease; Metabolic acidosis.

Concomitant use with Thioridazine is also contraindicated.

Before using Beloc, a patient must first inform the healthcare provider of all medical histories and other current medical conditions such as: muscle/nerve disorder, breathing disorders, diabetes, low blood pressure, heart failure, heart rhythm problems, mental/mood disorders, kidney disease, liver disease, thyroid disorder, pheochromocytoma, blood circulation problems.

It is advised to avoid driving and performing activities that require alertness because the drug can cause dizziness. A patient must get up slowly from a sitting or lying position to prevent feeling dizzy and prevent from falling.

This medication is under Pregnancy Category C. Animal studies have shown adverse effect on fetus but not enough studies in pregnant women. It should only be used by pregnant women if clearly needed and if benefits outweigh the risks. The drug passes into breast milk and may harm a nursing infant. A physician must be consulted before a breastfeeding woman uses this medication.

This medication can interfere with lab tests and cause false positive results such as in glaucoma screening test and cardiovascular stress test using arbutamine. A patient must inform physician or laboratory personnel that this medication is being taken.

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